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I'm good at shooting people, cracking wise, and pretending to know how to fight.

And now I come in, saying something suitably heroic.

Let me shoot him in the back, no one needs to know
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Mira: "You're more like a shifty, lying idiot with a tendency to complain about every little thing and offer only small bits of helpful advice if pressured."

Atton: "It's hard for Jedi to sense what you're really thinking if you throw up walls of strong emotions and feelings. Lust, impatience, cowardice... most Jedi awareness doesn't cruise beyond the surface feelings, to see what's deeper. And I was good at that, throwing up walls, and my superiors knew it."
Meetra: "Is that why you act the way you do?"
Atton: "Part of it. Maybe it was always me. It's hard to tell. I haven't known who I am for years."


"Because Jedi lie. And they manipulate. And every act of charity or kindness they do, you can drag it out squirming into the light and see it for what it is. The galaxy doesn't need Jedi arrogance or Jedi hypocrisy anymore."
"The Jedi are guardians of the peace, they are not as you describe."
"The Jedi... the Sith... you don't get it, do you? To the galaxy, they're the same thing; just men and women with too much power, squabbling over religion, while the rest of us burn."

(Info Post)

Name: Atton Rand (presumably)
Age: 31
Occupation: Teacher
Living Space: MCA #4, Fandom/Jedi Council Apartment, Jedi Temple, Coruscant
Fandom: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

"Are you an angel? Aw, I'm just kidding. That's the worst line I've ever used. Hope some poor kid doesn't start using it."


"Where are we going now? I mean, because last time, we were heading toward this mining colony on the edge of space, and there was this Sith Lord, and..."
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